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Noble Oaks Vineyard was established in 2000 with a 1 acre planting of Malbec. In 2009, Tannat - another masculine robust red, was grafted to 130 vines. The southwest facing hillside vineyard is nestled on a solitary secluded land bench on a shear bluff 50 ft above San Antonio Creek. It is maintained entirely by hand. Throughout the year, the vines are blessed with radiant mornings giving way to scorching afternoon sun - the ideal climate to ripen these carefully selected, intense red varietals. Other than spring rains - nurturing, organic water from the vineyard well is used to irrigate the vines. Hardy roots intuitively make their way through soils layered with organic remains, minerals, shale, and sandy loam to secure earthly elements that define the nature of the Ojai Valley.
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