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Located on a historic estate in the scenic Ojai Valley, Noble Oaks Winery is committed to single-vineyard wine that allows the extravagance of nature to impart seasonal virtues for vintages with distinguishing characteristics.  At harvest, hand-picked fruit is carried to the winery where clusters of deeply tinted berries are de-stemmed, crushed and fermented in small lots.  The primary fermentation occurs in open bins followed by a secondary fermentation in stainless.  Noble Oaks wine is then patriotically aged in new American oak barrels for 2 years followed by 6 months in glass before release.
Noble Oaks Winery handcrafted varietals:
Noble Oaks Vineyard
Difficult to harvest, the signature grape of Noble Oaks is the least known of the 5 noble grapes of Bordeaux.  Low in yield, it produces an opaque wine, intensely saturated hue of blackish red-purple.  Malbec is for the mature, robust palate.  Variously described as bold, burly and athletic, it reveals essence of truffles and deep woods ~ rustic in nature, with soft undertones of vanilla, licorice, prunes & sweet tobacco.  Ojai earth imparts muscular heady aromas.  This wine has an untamed animal quality ~ meaty, gamey, dark, brooding ~ BEWARE
Vinted by John M Cuthbert
 Petite Sirah
             Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyards ~ Cuyama Valley, Santa Barbara Co
This Rhone has been exactingly extracted.  It is deeply fruited with notes of black pepper & bittersweet chocolate.  It is rich, round, velvety & inky - another lavish offering from
Noble Oaks.
Vinted by Anne W Cuthbert
              Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyards ~ Cuyama Valley, Santa Barbara Co
Another Rhone adventure for the enthusiast ~ rarely bottled as a varietal, this lavishly intense, teeth staining wine displays harmonious notes of vanilla, hickory, and black fruit.  Well balanced ~ a library edition.
Vinted by Anne W Cuthbert
Noble Oaks Vineyard
From the Madiron region of the Pyrenees Mountains in Southwestern France,
Tannatís thick skins and heavy tannins produce powerful, long aging wine richly laden with dynamic anthocyanins. The fruit creates a decidedly robust wine reminiscent of Cuban cigar, toasted cedar, wild goose plums with a wonderfully spicy finish.  Flavors balance nicely with aromatic layers of forest duff and earthy overtones.  Deep, richly opaque ~ Tannat is the most beautiful and healthful of all red wines.
Vinted by Anne W Cuthbert